100 years old! Oldest player in Main Event history.

100 years old! Oldest player in Main Event history...

Age is just a number and the WSOP makes that concept even clearer. This new World Series story shows that there is no ideal time in life to be a champion. Years are just a number on the calendar, and the Main Event proved it once again.

Chris Moneymaker joins the veteran.

Chris Moneymaker gave the Day 1D Shuffle Up & Deal and took the opportunity to gift a few minutes of his time to Gene Calden, a A World War II veteran, he signed up on day one, on the initiative of the Moneymaker Circuit and ACR Poker. At the incredible age of 100, Calden became the oldest player to compete in a WSOP Main Event, an honorable title and one to admire.

At once In an unforgettable ceremony, Moneymaker Calden had the honor of kicking off the first hand of poker in a historic moment, in full compliance with the upcoming new attendance record.

The American veteran surpassed the previous records of Jack Ury and William Wachter, who participated in 2010 and 2019 respectively, at the age of 97.

100-year-old World War II veteran Gene Calden, accompanied by his daughter Sue, officially takes part in the first day of the @WSOP Main Event tomorrow at 12 noon. With support from @MoneymakerTour, @ACR_POKER & @PBKennelClub, Gene will be the oldest player in Main Event history! GL gene! pic.twitter.com/2HPkCMCOHN

— Moneymaker Tour (@MoneymakerTour) July 6, 2023

“With daughter Sue by my side, the 100-year-old WWII veteran Gene Calden officially enters Day 1D of the @WSOP Main Event at 12:00PM. With the help of @MoneymakerTour, @ACR_POKER and @PBKennelClub, Gene becomes the oldest player in Main Event history! GL “

Oldest Main Event Winner

The record for oldest player to win a WSOP bracelet is held by Johnny Moss. On his 81st birthday, Moss finished first in Event 10 in the 1988 WSOP $1,500 Limit A-5 Lowball draw for $116,400. He continued to play until the 1995 WSOP before passing away at the age of 88, leaving as memorable a legacy in poker as Doyle Brunson.

These stories prove that Bei at the WSOP, age is no barrier to enjoying the game and participating in poker’s biggest events. Passion and skill transcend the boundaries of time, as evidenced by Calden, Moss and Brunson. At the WSOP, everyone has the chance to prove themselves, no matter how many years they have accumulated.

100 years old! Oldest player in Main Event history...

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