$7.5 cryptocurrency hack rocks online poker rooms

$7.5M Cryptocurrency Hack Rocks Online Poker Rooms

CoinsPaid, a crypto payment gateway used by multiple online rooms and casinos around the world, suffered its second security breach in less than 6 years months.

Safety The hack was reported by the company Web3 Cyvers and resulted in unauthorized transactions valued at over $7.5 million. AnAsian cybercriminal gang has been identified as the main perpetrator, but they have not yet claimed responsibility for the attack.

The attack was discovered on January 6, Cyvers’s advanced artificial intelligence system can detectTether (USDT ), Ethereum (ETH)

The funds were then transferred to external accounts and cryptocurrency exchanges MEXC, WhiteBit and ChangeNOW. July 2023 A breach in the platform resulted in the theft of more than $37 million.

CoinsPaid is a digital asset Estonia-based payment processor with a transaction history of over €19 billion. As of now, the company has not released an official statement on the latest attack.

Possible perpetrators of cryptocurrency hacks

In the first attack, Lazarus Group emerged as the main suspect. HighstakesDB reported that these cybercriminals were backed by the North Korean government and used sophisticated social engineering tactics to target the platform’s employees.

While none of the major online poker rooms appear to be affected, the company has approximately 60 online bookmakers and online casinos ascustomers .

Cybersecurity threats remain a significant challenge for the industry, which has faced serious threats both online and offline in recent months.

$7.5M Cryptocurrency Hack Rocks Online Poker Rooms

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  • This text highlights the second security breach faced by CoinsPaid, a crypto payment gateway, resulting in unauthorized transactions valued at over $7.5 million. The main perpetrator is suspected to be an Asian cybercriminal gang, but they have not claimed responsibility yet. The incident raises concerns about the ongoing cybersecurity threats faced by the online gambling industry.

  • This text highlights a significant security breach suffered by CoinsPaid, a crypto payment gateway, resulting in unauthorized transactions worth millions of dollars. The breach is believed to be the work of an Asian cybercriminal gang, and this incident further emphasizes the ongoing challenges posed by cybersecurity threats in the cryptocurrency industry.

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