Amarilla earns Godzilla a second chance

Amarilla earns Godzilla a second chance

Godzilla DeepStack week started with $250,000 buy-in High followed by Godzilla 120K won by Chato Varni creation, culminating in a Second Chance of $60,000 to crown the winner of Nicolás Amarilla.

Wearing the same name as her last perfectly matched jumpsuit, Amarilla defeated second seed Angel Di Salvo in heads-up play for $1,111,536, earning $1,822,680. And Alberto Dodero finished on the podium with $732,060 in prize money.

Second Chance Final Table.

The tournament lasted two days – Friday and Saturday – with 120 entries worth $60,000 and a total prize pool of $5,976,000 distributed among the top 15 players.

Several big names from the national poker scene were present at the final table, including Mariana Raccolo di Girolamo (10. Spending $110,556), which lasted Nearly six hours passed until Amarilla managed to defeat Di Salvo and celebrate the title.

Final Position Position Player National Award

1. Nicolás Amarilla $1,822,680

2. Ángel Di Salvo $1,111,536

3. Alberto Dodero $732,060

4. Johan Cymermann $516,924

5. Ricardo Horacio Fontana $385,452

6. Federico Borello 298,8 00$

Seventh place Fabian A Mani $227,088

8° Belleri Juan Pablo $161,352

9° Hugo Lusardi $119,520

10° Mariana Di Girolamo $110,556

11. Silvina Solano $101,592

12. Agustín Ariel García $101,592

13. Leonardo Reynoso 95.6 $16

14. Federico Leiva $95,616

15. Nestor Leonio $95, 616

Amarilla earns Godzilla a second chance

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