ape3011, xemarea, and Golosina 122 had a successful evening on PokerStars.

On Thursday, most players’ attention was focused on the site’s regular competitions.

The red spade room hosted nine events with total prize pools of over €10,000 and awards totaling over €181,000. Hispanics won three of the four MTTs.

“ape3011” (BB €10: €1,356.26).

Identifier: “Golosina 122” (€50 Big Bang: €2,653.60).

(€10 Bounty Night = €2,513.97) xemarea.

With these victories, La Roja finished the day with a grand total of 22. These are the victorious Spanish teams:

The code is “1972FRANC” (PKO €5).

Chinese Knotty 40 (PKO 10€).

In this case, “Jordas4” (PKO 5€).


Georgian0712 (Ultimate 30€.*).

PKO 5€ “cty1986”

“pelos29” (10 Euros for Ultra KO).

This is “Manu D. Nash” (SuperStack 3€).

SuperStack 5€, “banker13388.”

SuperStack: “rayo1971” (€10).

Super Thursday Omaha £20 “Barry Duncan”

ape3011 (Ten Pounds Bounty Builder).

“babyfiss” ($30 for 8 games).

Big Boom £50 “Golosina 122.”

xemarea, or 10 Euros for Bounty Night.

(Bounty Builder 50 Euros) “carayolgg.”

(SuperStack Turbo 10€) “darcoOx”

(Ultra KO 20 Euros) “liao96.” “liao96” (20 Euros for Ultra KO).

(PKO 5.00€) “Alchem1s7.”

Hold’em NL 10€ “MapOfUrHead”

Joseph19 (PKO 3€).

Hold’em NL 10€ “guachabar” tournament.

* Joseph19 (PKO 3€).

Hold’em NL £1 “guachabar”

The code name for this game is “wisbo10” (Hold’em NL €2).

Six doubles were won by the Spanish (they are shown on the list with an asterisk), and their overall record in the Tournament was 16 victories to 21 seconds.

The winners of the regular tournaments with prizes above $5,000 are as follows:

It’s spooo777 (PKO €10 6-Max. Prize: €1,212.76. Field: 1,373. Armenian prize fund totals €12,000. .

prize: $3,038.38 aksvsako (Bigger €50. There were 391 competitors and a total of €3,038.38 was won. Money awarded: 17,595 Euros (Portugal). .

Little Thunder) by michdar1 (10€. Total prize money: $2,903.53. Field: 2,898. Total prize value is €26,082 (from France).

The xCriSis7x (Thunder €50. Cash prize of €4,809.33. The number 740 in this field. France’s prize money totals €33,300.

Azaroo Boy (Star Trek) €250. Prize: €7,311.39. Prize pool of €30,000; country of origin, Brazil; total number of participants, 122 .

ape3011 (£10 BB, £1,356.26 prize, 1,271 players, £11,439 total) from Spain.


only*uck (£20 BB, £1,526.37 win, 603 players, £10,854 total prize pool, Thailand).

BigBangGolosina 122 (50€. Total prize money is €20,160 (€2.653.60), and there are a total of 448 entrants from Spain.

(Bounty Night) xemarea €10. Total prize pool is €2,513,97. 2,219 participants; €20,000 in prize money; Spain.

The emphasis on PokerStars today will once again be on the regularly scheduled events. VGL, Espaoles!

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  • The text seems to be reporting on the results of a poker tournament, specifically highlighting the successes of Spanish players and the prize pools and awards they won. It appears to be a positive and celebratory tone towards the Spanish teams’ achievements.

  • This text provides a summary of the events and winners in a poker competition, with a focus on the success of Spanish players. It highlights the prize pools and total awards earned by the participants. Overall, it seems to be informative for those interested in the poker competition and its outcomes.

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