‘As tall as the boss’: Hero calls Debert Stevens ‘tonkaaaa’

[Video] 'As tall as the boss': Hero calls Debert S...

In a stunning live broadcast, Bert Stevens, known in online poker circles as girafganger7, made an epic statement during the PokerStars Thursday Thrills At the time, the buy-in was $2,100.

The showdown between Stevens and Team PokerStars Canada member Parker Talbot (nicknamed Tonkaaaa) became the subject of this The focus of the game.

Bert Stevens won the WSOP Online Main Event on GGPoker in October for $2.7 million.

Talbot was shown a board 4 6 6 9 9 4 and decided to go all out to challenge Stevens’ decisive decision. Against A J, the Belgian strategically spent his time before calling the blinds of 30.7, which would have cost him the game if he had missed.

The surprising thing about this game was that Stevens Talbots had anticipated the bluffing moments before, revealing that his ability to read the situation was impressive. He commented during the live broadcast: “Tonka used a donka bet on the pair table, which means we will go to the end. The 9th does not matter. Maybe I will make a big bet on 8-7 now.” When the river card His prediction proved to be correct as he delivered a spectacular win for Stevens.

Amid loud cheers, Stevens shared his thoughts on the hero call: “Tonka is a great player. It’s hard to say how far he’s willing to go on the river. Since My range, I don’t think he’s going to donk-bet with 4.”

Bert Stevens is one of the biggest winners in online poker and many would imagine that he must have A dream-set-up, complete with a computer equipped with the latest hardware and a desk, would have been enough for someone to win $15,935,809 via over 9,095 ITMs…but it wasn’t to be.

The Belgian is well known as a true rebel in the poker world as girafganger7. A few years ago, he shocked everyone when he shared a photo of his workstation, and last week, he surprised the community again with a video showing off the “restoration” of his office.

My old office. Been playing here for over a year. There was no heating and it was raining inside. I love it though. pic.twitter.com/0fKDAe0AOh

— giraf Ganger (@Girafganger7) February 1, 2019

The video shows chaos: mountains of trash, scattered papers, cigarette butts, It was empty with cans, cups and random objects strewn across the floor.

Stevens orchestrated his poker sessions (a tournament worth thousands of dollars, by the way) from this chair. ) is in a very miserable situation. The monitor was of high quality, but the desk was visibly dirty.

Get ready to meet the big boys tonight! The next day was about stars and other dusty things. Another @DTOPoker tournament and a @PokerCoaching_ tournament. Live on Twitch at 6:00pm CET. pic.twitter.com/cFjCtuAmpJ

— giraf Ganger (@Girafganger7) September 16, 2023

[Video] 'As tall as the boss': Hero calls Debert S...

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  • This text describes a remarkable moment in online poker where Bert Stevens, known as girafganger7, made an impressive call and won against his opponent. It also highlights Stevens’ unconventional and humble approach to his poker career, despite being one of the biggest winners in the game.

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    This text tells the story of Bert Stevens and his success in online poker, including a recent epic win and a glimpse into his chaotic and less-than-ideal gaming setup. Despite his unconventional working environment, Stevens has proven himself to be a formidable player in the online poker world.

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