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BSOP: Bárbara Akemi is the chip leader on women’s final day

Bárbara Akemi leads with 16 players remaining in B...

The BSOP Winter Millions Women’s Championship kicked off on Friday afternoon (21st), and the women’s players performed well within a few hours. A total of 169 players signed up and 16 players got their seats on the final day. The buy-in fee for the tournament is R$600.

The leader of the tournament is Team CardRoom Poker player Bárbara Akemi. She showed her full experience and ended up in the chip lead with 687,000. He is followed by Mayza Basso of Sao Paulo with 646,000 chips.

Big players also in action . Highlights include Paula Costa (585,000), Lucivania Amarante (566,000), Luana Braga (424,000), Danielle Antunes (386,000), Danielle Feitosa (186,000) and Thais Salzer (141,000).

The final day of women’s competition is Saturday at 2pm, and the blinds are back at 6,000/12,000, and the stakes are high. The remaining 16 players have entered the R$1,100 ITM, and the winner will receive R$18,600.

See full chip count:


BARBARA AKEMI FUGIVALA 687000 LONDRINA PR BRAZIL TABLE 152 POSITION 8 MAYZA BASSO 646000 SAO PAULO SP BRAZIL TABLE 151 Location 8 PAULA DE OLIVEIRA COSTA 585000 PARNIBA PI Brazil Table 152 Location 6 Lucivania Amarante 5 6600 0. .Brazil Watch 152 Position 4 LUANA BRAGA BESSA 424000 SOROCABA SP Brazil Watch 152 Position 1 DANIELLE ANTUNES S DE OLIVEIRA 386000 SAO PAULO SP Brazil Watch 151 Position 7 Barbara Nascimento Dionisio 311000 Sao Paulo SP Brazil Watch 152 Position 5 Juli ana Anacoretto De Oliveira 283000 Sao Paulo SP Brazil List 151 Item 2 MARIANA DA SILVA DE MORAES 190000 SAO PAULO SP Brazil List 151 Item 3 Daniele Feitosa De Lima 186000 ITATIBA SP Brazil List 152 Item 2 Marina Alves Da Silva 182000 Sao Paulo SP Brazil List 151 Item 4 Carole Bolon-bossou 156 000 Paris, France 152 No. 3 Juliana Lopes Ferreira 144000 Sao Paulo SP Brazil No. 152 No. 7 Thais Salzer Procopio 141000 JUIZ DE FORA MG Brazil No. 151 DANIELLE SOARES RIBEIRO 120000 SAO CAETANO DO SUL SP Brazil No. 151 No. 5 JOSILEIA DE MENEZES 5500 0 F LORIANOPOLIS SC BRAZIL Table 151, position 6

Bárbara Akemi leads with 16 players remaining in B...

“Tracin2” is a $55 mini bounty generator HR

Grinder “Tracin2” managed to stand out at the PokerStars tables during a rather lukewarm period for the Brazilian. He added $9,447 to his bankroll by winning the $55 Mini Bounty Builder HR heads-up. A few minutes earlier, Lucas Yamashita had a 3-out for $5,354.

Luciano Hollanda won the silver medal for $6,422 in the $109 Mini Super Tuesday. The tournament had 479 participants.

In the Bounty Builder $33, Pedro “vlwflw” Hardman is one elimination away from the title. He took second place for $4,647.

The Everton S704 also cashed in on the site for $4,203 in the $55 The Fast 7 prize after beating 479 players.

Nacho Barbero: GPI rankings and podiums in 2023

Nacho Barbero: GPI rankings and podiums in 2023

Without a doubt, today is Nacho Barbero’s day. Top Latino Player in Live Tournament History Just Earned Armada’s Largest Payout Ever, 3,445,807, in Triton Series Event #7 NLH 8-Handed, Previously Earned More Money Than the Winner. Because in addition to ICM, there is his murderous gaze at the table, and his ability to deal damage earns people’s respect.

His trajectory and 2023 has been recognized. Be presenting its best year ever. Because while the Argentine rose to prominence by winning two LAPT and EPT London High Roller titles ($870,082 blockbuster) in 2010 and even a WSOP bracelet in 2022, he was never quite as successful, He did it this season.

Nacho Barbero wins this year in Vietnam.

Men Aires from Campana, Buenos Province The 2023 Live Tournament alone will total $8,507,375. In fact, in the calendar’s 214 days, there’s still a lot to do since we’ve only just started our eighth month, August.

Barbero didn’t stop there, huge ITM,den he did it in London, but this Thursday he scored in Event 9 (262,500 US Luxon Invitational)

Perhaps the key to his success is that despite feeling this tailwind, Nacho let himself go and didn’t stop.

Back in January at the PCA Bahamas, he declared himself a fourth-place finish and had a lot of trouble – almost $1,551,300 in cash out of a field of 25,000. He then went on to win three more at the Vietnam Triton, the Poker Go Tour and a parallel win at the Aria during the WSOP when he wanted to win more than one bracelet but didn’t. Of course he saved everything to explode in London…

That still puts Barbero at the top of the GPI Player of the Year rankings and now he is Most profitable in 2023, ranked third. Crazy…

Nacho Barbero: GPI rankings and podiums in 2023

Rogerio Castro Crashes in Final Leg of WSOP Event #77

WSOP: Rogerio Castro shines on big stage and finis...

Brazil again misses the WSOP 2023 final table. Casual player Rogério Castro put in a solid performance against a field of 7,323 entrants in Event #77 (NLH Lucky 7’s $777 event). After a second day of poker, he finished the day in an honorable 15th place and pocketed a nice bonus.

Castro won $26,500, making it likely to be the largest prize on his resume. This is his third ITM at a WSOP tournament. The other two occurred in 2019, where Rogerio had his ups and downs in the closing stages of the race. With less than 20 players left, he was fairly small and even doubled twice.

Rev With A4 all-in against Charles La Boissonniere’s Q5, the knockout knocked on the door. His opponent had just had a big coin toss with JJ vs. AQ, eventually calling the Brazilian’s short putt after raising with a marginal hand on the button. Things went well with the JTT on the flop and the 7 on the turn, but the 5 on the river sent Castro out.

Vinícius Escossi did the same and was eliminated in 20th place for the same $26,500 prize pool. Renan Bruschi got into trouble after an AQ flop over AA and finished in 26th for $21,020. Alexandre Mantovani ($67 – $6,280), Fabio Freitas ($112 – $3,870) and Rafael Reis ($136 – $3,870) were the other winning Brazilians.

WSOP: Rogerio Castro shines on big stage and finis...

Seeking WSOP Main Event Finalists

Seeking WSOP Main Event Finalists

The WSOP 2023 Main Event in Latin America is over, but the world’s most important tournament continues. In fact, Day 8 this Friday will mark the start of the final table, with only nine seats for the 15 privileged players who have reached that level.

Right now: Juan Marcellas is the best of those who will be vying for his spot at the decisive stage. The Spaniard had an amazing day, collecting 108,000,000 chips. In fact, his sixth day was so good that he now holds a lead of more than 30 million points over his closest opponent Adam Walton, who has 79,475,000 in chips.

Carlos Rox climbed the ranks to finish 34th for $280,100 and recognition from all his opponents .

Among those looking for a spot in the final are Jan-Peter Jachtmann, Toby Lewis and another Spaniard who achieved this achievementJose Aguilera. Different stacks, but with a common fantasy, they packed their bags with excitement and looked forward to this day.

The 15 players still in the running have already bagged $430,200, although they will be paid $900,000 to reach the final table. The biggest dream is without a doubt the Gold Diamond Bracelet ($500,000 value) and the historic cash prize of $12,100,000 that the champion will receive. 10,043 participants formed the $93,399,900 pot and will win.

The last Latin bastion of the major tournaments collapsed in the 34th on Thursday when Carlos Rox withdrew. However, his efforts earned the Brazilian $280,100.

Friday’s Day 8, the final game before the final table, will begin at 12 noon local time at Level 36 with 400k/800k lights and 800,000 big blind stakes. Action will be taken until the 9 finalists are determined. After Saturday’s break, they’ll return to the table for an initial definition session, with play kicking off Sunday at 1:30pm Las Vegas time. The winner will be announced on Monday.

Event #76: $10,000 Main Event WSOP World Championship of No-Limit Hold’em

Buy-In: $10,000Number of Participants: 10,043 End Pool: $93,399,900Tournament Players: 15Average Chip Stack: 40,172,000Blinds: Level 36 (400K/800K and 800K BB Ante)Paid Seats: 1,507Next Payout: 430,200 $ (14th to 17th)

15 finalists

1. Juan Marcellas – 108,000,0002. Adam Walton – 79,475,0003. Jan-Peter Jachtmann – 70,775,0004. Steven Jones – 67,700,0005° Toby Lewis – 50,000,0006° Ruslan Predek – 45,750,0007° Jose Aguilera – 37,600,0008° Joshua Payne – 31,000,0009° Sachin Joshi – 27,775,00010° Daniel Weinman – 21,750,00011. Dean Hutchison – 17,500,00012. Daniel Holzner – 14,750,00013. Alec Torelli – 14,275,00014. Jack O’Neal – 11,700,00015. Cong Pham – 8,700,000


1. $12,100,0002. USD 6,500,0003. USD 4,000,0004. USD 3,000,0005° $2,400,0006° USD 1,850,0007° $1,425,0008° $1,125,0009° $900,00010-11 USD 700,00012-13 $535,00014-15 USD 430,200

ITM Latino

34. Carlos Roques – $280,10063. Sergio Torres – $130,30086. David Cocio-Ruiz – $92,60089° Luis Yepes – $92,60098° Vito Bengozzi – $78,900112° Luis Donelles – $67,700115° Oscar Arach – $67,700116° Hilton Laborda – $67,700120° Diego Ramos – $67,700141° Ezequiel Lebed – $67,700148° Rodrigo Benmu – $67,700161° Louis Abdullah – $67,700181° Manuel Porchardt – $58,800196° Rafael Morais – $58,800228° Jorge Postigo – $50,900233° Carlos Lim – $50,900234° Hilton Lourenco – $50,900281° Jorge Dominguez – $50,900305° Arthur Souza de Campos – $44,700313° Thiago Crema – $44,700317° Lucas Porchardt – $44,700332° Hermione Garza – $44,700338° Carlos Leyva – $44,700345° Juan Marcos Lopez – $44,700352° Christian Roberts – $40,000357° Diego Emperador – $40,000380° Eduardo Amaral – $40,000394° Mario Lopez – $40,000Recife 401° Silvera – $40,000419° Edgardo Rosario – $40,000446° João Simão – $40,000485° Omar Barretta – $35,000490° Yuri Givylevsky – $35,000506° Rafael Kayafa – $35,000507° German Dansker – $35,000522° Vinicius Pieri de Lima – $35,000535° Renan Aziz – $35,000561° Andrea Goldbaum – $32,500577° Thiago Franco – $32,500584° Emmanuel Lopez – $32,500594° Francisco Benitez – $32,500602° Franco Mendes – $32,500619° Francis Cruz – $30,000628° Ramon Croppmans – $30,000637° Laura Sintra – $30,000651° Rodrigo Incefran – $30,000700° Diego Sanchez – $27,500704° Felipe Ketzer – $27,500710° Pedro Cavalieri – $27,500718° Leonardo Santos – $27,500748° Adrian Troya – $27,500755° Marco Zevola – $27,500794° Gurte Fortuna – $25,000802° Mauricio Aruano Parodi – $25,000832° Mathias Scafford – $25,000851° Gerson Caldeira – $25,000901° Pedro Galagnani – $25,000906° Lowry Championship – $25,000959° Jose Ferro – $22,500972° Rodrigo Rischmag – $22,500993° Mathias Duarte – $20,0001,005° Leonardo Daviglus – $17,5001,041° Mario Lauro – $17,5001,045° Eduardo de la Isla – $17,5001,098° Joseph Bloom Pacheco – $17,5001,106° Neville Endo Costa – $17,5001,076 Emmanuel Fernandez – $17,5001,113° Daniel Barahona – $17,5001,169° Fernando Sampitro – $17,5001,180° Guimarães – $17,5001,183° Dennis Lewis – $17,5001,199° Jose Moore – $17,5001,227° Leonardo de Souza – $17,5001.254° Oligan Ramos Duarte – $15,0001.257° Mariano Cable Car – $15,0001,266° Jorge Ribeiro – $15,0001.286° Jacob Montoya – $15,0001294° Giuseppe Callio – $15,0001,296° Cristian Peña Castro – $15,0001428° Jesus Bertoli – $15,0001,431. Augusto Hagen – $15,0001,460° Eider Cruz – $15,000

*Full prize pool.

Tech Sheet 54.

World Series of Poker (WSOP) Main Event.

Location: Horseshoe, Las VegasLocation: Las Vegas, USAAmount of Purchase: $10,000Chips: 60,000Late Registration:Until Day 2 2nd LevelRe-Entry, Re-Buy, Additional: strong>noShutters:120 minutesDates:July 3-17Day 1A: Monday, 03.07. Day 1B:Tuesday, 4.7. Chapter 1C: Wednesday, 5.7. Day 1D: Thursday 7/6 Day 2A/2B/2C: Friday 7/7Day 2D: Saturday 7/8Day 3:Sunday, 9/7Day 4:Monday, 10.7. Day 5: Tuesday, 11.7. Day 6: Wednesday 12/7 – 12:00 Day 7:Thursday, 13.7. Day 8: today Friday, 14.7. 12.00 (until 9 players remain)Day 9:Saturday, 15.7. – One day off for finalists

Final Table

Day 10: Sunday, 16.7. – 1.30pm (until 4 players remain)Day 11: Monday, 17.7. – 1.30pm (until World Champion is announced)

*Full structure.

Latin Schedule

12:00pm Las Vegas1:00pm 2:00 PM3:00 PM 16:00

Seeking WSOP Main Event Finalists

Manoli22343 and aleix92cat, PokerStars Sunday’s best Spaniards

Manoli22343 and aleix92cat, PokerStars Sunday's be...

Regular Championships and Sunday KO events (part of Spotlight Week with guaranteed prize pools in excess of €600,000) are held on Sunday at National LeagueFinal at PokerStars, where Spain won the penalty. 14 tournaments with jackpot prizes of €10,000 or more were played throughout the day. Two of them ended with Spainvictory.

Manoli22343” won the Classic €10 PKO for €4,172.32.

aleix92cat” won the Sunday KO 10€ for a total KO 6-Max, earning him 2,396.54€ bonuses.

With these victories, La has Roja a total of 17wins in yesterday’s MTT. These are Sunday’s Spanish winners:

  1. “fortea88” (PKO €10 Turbo).
  2. “Leganes666MC” (PKO €10 Turbo). ).
  3. “whako plaza” (SuperStack €5).
  4. “leeoobcn” (PKO €10).
  5. “Monstick” (Ultra KO €10)). ).* “Monstick” (Ultra KO €10).
  6. “JSabater98” (SuperStack 1 Euro).
  7. “SelFiDeS” (BB 5 EUR).
  8. “baco245” (SuperStack €10).
  9. “Manoli22343” (classic €10 PKO).
  10. “aleix92cat” (KO Sunday €10 total KO 6-Max).
  11. “coolstack84” (BB 20€).
  12. “amparo63” (Mini Hot BST Turbo €5).
  13. “wazuka” (BB 10 €).
  14. “nasean09” (SuperStack €5).
  15. “ikojasezl” (PKO €5 6-Max).
  16. “Maki1619” (€ 1 NLHE Turbo PKO).
  17. “Manustars919” (€0.10 NLHE 6-Max Turbo).

Spanish won 4 double (marked with an asterisk in list), HU in The balanceveryunfavorable for our team: 13 wins 21Second Place.

Today Spotlight Week’s Deepstack Monday tournament and Daily PokerStars Tournament MTT schedule awaits us.

Responsible Gambling. It is illegal for anyone under the age of 18 to play online poker.

Manoli22343 and aleix92cat, PokerStars Sunday's be...

100 years old! Oldest player in Main Event history.

100 years old! Oldest player in Main Event history...

Age is just a number and the WSOP makes that concept even clearer. This new World Series story shows that there is no ideal time in life to be a champion. Years are just a number on the calendar, and the Main Event proved it once again.

Chris Moneymaker joins the veteran.

Chris Moneymaker gave the Day 1D Shuffle Up & Deal and took the opportunity to gift a few minutes of his time to Gene Calden, a A World War II veteran, he signed up on day one, on the initiative of the Moneymaker Circuit and ACR Poker. At the incredible age of 100, Calden became the oldest player to compete in a WSOP Main Event, an honorable title and one to admire.

At once In an unforgettable ceremony, Moneymaker Calden had the honor of kicking off the first hand of poker in a historic moment, in full compliance with the upcoming new attendance record.

The American veteran surpassed the previous records of Jack Ury and William Wachter, who participated in 2010 and 2019 respectively, at the age of 97.

100-year-old World War II veteran Gene Calden, accompanied by his daughter Sue, officially takes part in the first day of the @WSOP Main Event tomorrow at 12 noon. With support from @MoneymakerTour, @ACR_POKER & @PBKennelClub, Gene will be the oldest player in Main Event history! GL gene!

— Moneymaker Tour (@MoneymakerTour) July 6, 2023

“With daughter Sue by my side, the 100-year-old WWII veteran Gene Calden officially enters Day 1D of the @WSOP Main Event at 12:00PM. With the help of @MoneymakerTour, @ACR_POKER and @PBKennelClub, Gene becomes the oldest player in Main Event history! GL “

Oldest Main Event Winner

The record for oldest player to win a WSOP bracelet is held by Johnny Moss. On his 81st birthday, Moss finished first in Event 10 in the 1988 WSOP $1,500 Limit A-5 Lowball draw for $116,400. He continued to play until the 1995 WSOP before passing away at the age of 88, leaving as memorable a legacy in poker as Doyle Brunson.

These stories prove that Bei at the WSOP, age is no barrier to enjoying the game and participating in poker’s biggest events. Passion and skill transcend the boundaries of time, as evidenced by Calden, Moss and Brunson. At the WSOP, everyone has the chance to prove themselves, no matter how many years they have accumulated.

100 years old! Oldest player in Main Event history...

Not for the bracelet, but for the POY

Not for the bracelet, but for the POY

Chance Kornuth can see the glass half full or half empty depending on your mood. Because he was eliminated again in the WSOP 2023 bracelet event – he already had three before – but at least he managed to add a new bankroll, which not only bolstered his bankroll, but also earned him points in the POY event.

In less than seven hours at Horseshoe and Paris Las Vegas, we settled on the five finalists for Day 3 of Event #57 $25,000 Pot-Limit Omaha High Roller, the event that set the record for the biggest prize in live tournament PLO poker A new record for the pool. WSOP.

Ka Kwan Lau, frontrunner.

Spanish-born, Hong Kong-based pro Ka Kwan Lau leads with 28,200,000 in chips and is aiming for a WSOP bracelet. Known by his online nickname “kaju85”, he is widely regarded as one of the top players in the PLO Championship. Two years ago, he came very close to victory. In the same $25,000 Pot-Limit Omaha High Roller event, Lau finished second behind Shaun Deeb with a career-best ITM of $773,708. Lau has won more than $2.6 million in live events, including a 20th-place finish in the 2016 WSOP Main Event for $269,430.

Not for the bracelet, but for the POY

World Series of Poker News

Haxton Bracelet, Man of the Negreanu People: Quick...

A few gold bracelets were announced last weekend in Las Vegas winners, and the WSOP schedule has passed the 20-event mark. One of the most impressive victories was Isaac Haxton’s first-place finish, a victory he hadn’t won in over a decade.

Before the World Series, much of the poker press referred to Isaac as one of the “best poker players in the world.” “. The Player Without the Bracelet,” but the American poker pro quickly lost that title.

In the $25,000 8-Hand High Roller event, he defeated 301 opponents to win his first WSOP title. Isaac, who finished first, added $1,698,215 to his prize pool.

“I’ve been 2nd and 3rd several times, which gives me the biggest prize money, so it’s nice to end up winning.” Haxton commented after his win, “In a $25,000 tournament , with 300 entrants – yes, I think it has to be one of my greatest achievements”.

Isaac is back after a two-year hiatus. The poker scene is back. In just five and a half months, he’s won $7,678,247 — six victories in various series and dozens of final tables. His best result to date is in 2023.

Negreanu is a civilian

In the WSOP, high-limit players often choose the expensive tournaments, ignoring the cheap ones because of the smaller fields and prize money. However, not everyone does. Daniel Negreanu decided to prove himself a fool and signed up for the $300 Gladiators of Poker.

“Why not join the Gladiators? Why not? Let’s have fun I’m one of the people,” Daniel commented on his vlog.

The tournament is the second largest in history. In the first few days, 23,884 people signed up and the $3,000,000 guaranteed prize pool was beaten by 20%.

The Canadian poker pro made his way into Day 2, but it wasn’t very successful – he was eliminated in 767th ahead of the prize pool.

Haxton Bracelet, Man of the Negreanu People: Quick...

Romano shines in Carrasco Super High Roller and becomes champion

Romano shines in Carrasco Super High Roller and be...

Fernando Romano did it again. In just over a month, shined again at the Carrasco Casino for the second time, winning the Carrasco Super High Roller organized LL Eventos and was awarded $58,000.

Romano, who won the LAPT Montevideo High Roller on May 1 at the exclusive facility, now emerges from the tournament with a 2,000 A buy-in fee of $1,000 and a re-entry fee of $1,000 are successful. A total of 208 entrants (85 solo players plus 123 re-entrants) registered over three days and won $200,000 in guaranteed prize money allocated to the top 15 finishers $293,000.

On the last day of the competition, a total of 61 players participated. At this time, Romano was already among the leaders. But he couldn’t beat his final day, which has lasted more than 16 hours since 2pm. Saturday morning was over around 5am and Sunday morning was devastating.

Warm hugs between two rivals and friends: champion Romano and runner-up Dos Santos.

Fernando has always been in the top league and is second at the final table, finishing in the top nine, only behind Federico Stussinger , i.e. he is not saved there. He defeated seven of eight opponents, including Andres dos Santos. Heads up trophy and best pot.

His first victim was Esteban Crolla , who came in ninth ($6,000). Then Thomas Miranda left 8th place ($8,000) by Leandro Bianchini Then began to slaughter Romano, Romano started to accumulate chips at a very high level, and the wind was blowing in his favor.

The Carrasco Super High Roller final table is a luxury.

He beat out welder Javier Venegas for seventh place ($10,500), Go dos Santos 6th ($13,500), Sebastián Loscri Fifth ($17,000) and fourth ($21,000) Stussinger formed a trio of himself and he was crowned champion.

Romano shines in Carrasco Super High Roller and be...

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