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Matheus Zancan and Dieferson Montrezol double down on $109 Mini Thursday Thrills

Matheus Zancan and Dieferson Montrezol double down...

On Thursday the 15th, Team Brazil won the $109 Mini Thursday Stimulus early. Champion Matheus “MpZancan” Zancan earned $15,098, while runner-up Dieferson “Dieferson09” Montrezol added to his bankroll with $9,969. There were 1,099 participants in the tournament.

In Bounty Builder $33, Felipe “Cebolaa490” Menezes rounded out the podium. He won $5,482 after defeating 1,350 opponents.

“Fox_MEF” is also a prominent player on PokerStars. He let out a victory cheer in the $530 Bounty Builder High Roller Late Edition, winning $5,250.

Heitor “HeitorCEC” Camargos won the $109 Bounty Builder and took home $4,826.

Matheus Zancan and Dieferson Montrezol double down...

KSOP GGPoker SA: Miracle river saves Fabio Perez in FT

KSOP GGPoker SA: Miracle River Saves Fábio Peres a...

GG Mystery Millionaire attracted 2,687 participants, making it the largest KSOP GGPoker event in South America to date. Those who invested R$600 in the tournament had a chance to win the generous R$121,650 prize awarded to the winner, but the excitement lasted until the final hands of the final table – Brazil’s Fábio Perez Peres and Argentina’s Emmanuel Lopez, among others.

With four players still alive in the tournament and the final table airing on MundoTV on Friday, Perez has about 10 big blinds left in his stack and is looking to double down. Stay in the game. The opportunity presented itself when he witnessed his hands being placed on the table at UTG and declared a straight all-in. But in the big blind, Lopez found the perfect opportunity to add to his stack and called:

The flop was a little scary, but the Argentine still had the lead on the board. The turn is also good news for the Argentinian, who now has only 5 out cards on the river and has an 88% chance of winning the hand.

The problem with Emmanuel Lopez is that he was on the last map where Fabio was saved. The river allowed the Brazilian to 3-bet and double his stack, giving him a larger stack than his opponent.

In the end, the Argentinian’s exit price was R$17,000, and he would later do so in fourth place in the tournament and receive R$31,000 in prize money. After being eliminated in third place in the three-way competition, Fabio struck a deal with the other two remaining players to receive a bonus of R$48,000. Had the Brazilians not survived, the story would have been different.

View the final table prize pool:

1. – Arthur Balestreri – 121,650 reals *2nd place – Carlos Eduardo – R$ 57,500*3rd place – Fabio Perez – R$ 48,000*4th place – Emmanuel Lopez (Argentina) – R$ 31,0005. – Pool Castilo (Peru) – R$ 23,3006th place – Adrian Jimenez (Argentina) – R$ 17,8507th place – Xi Guofeng – R$14,8008th place – Caroline Bailey – R$ 12,4009th – Ramon Vasconcellos – R$ 10,400

KSOP GGPoker SA: Miracle River Saves Fábio Peres a...

Players watch their opponent’s hand through their own window

Permission or fraud? Players watch opponent's hand...

A strange case posted on Reddit this week caught the attention of gamers. One user on the platform, who goes by the nickname “Consistent Symptoms,” told a Big Brother-worthy story about his difficult days on PokerStars. The post’s title set the tone: “I did the dumbest thing while playing poker. Is this allowed?”

The user’s post was rescued by Twitter user @JeremiahDJohns, who even talked about The method used. “I live in a large apartment in my city. In December, I looked out the window and saw a guy who lived across the street playing at PokerStars. His monitor was placed so that anyone could see him position of the computer screen.” “

The same game of consistency symptoms continues. “Using binoculars or my girlfriend’s iPhone, I can see his cards through the window – I’ve been playing for cash The game lasted him two months. I was thousands of reais ahead of a player because I could see his cards from my apartment. I haven’t seen him play in a while but I was wondering if what I was doing was legal. ”

Stealing in poker is serious and clearly should be condemned. This user seems to have taken this concept to another level. Whether legal or not, this attitude is definitely worth paying attention to, rep This is a serious violation of fair competition and the best principles of the game.

Permission or fraud? Players watch opponent's hand...

Adrián Mateos blocks Bernat Capdevila to double $530 per week in Bounty Builder at

Adrián Mateos blocks Bernat Capdevila to double $5...

La Roja’s recent activity at the .com tables has been almost entirely limited to a single tournament, the Bounty Builder High Roller $530 USD.

Yesterday two Spanish players, Adrián Mateos “Amadi_017” and Bernat Capdevila “JBAG28” met at the final table.

Oddly enough, the Catalan already did this last Monday. He was the star of this tournament, and not only that, he ended up winning it. So in three days Bernet’s double is coming.

Amadi is not the only brave bull waiting for Capdevila in this arena. Another Winamax team Joao Vieira “Naza114″adds some cache to the lineup, with Paulo Brombin “paulinhoo00” filling the FT’s Brazilian quota.

The Portuguese pair will have no problem for Bernat, who is ranked above them, as is Ukrainian player Garik Yaroshevskii “Garrin4e”. However, more anonymous players fought back and Burnett was eliminated in fifth place ($4,899).

Adrian, however, had great results” ksehd8″”, Jorge Cantos “carozo1959” and “success”, in order, as a result of which he increased the prize money for winning the competition A substantial premium.

Adrian’s successful total win amount was $16,749, as he replaced the Andorran flag with the Union Jack as the new Spanish Champion in Bounty Builder HR Hidden flag.

Adrián Mateos blocks Bernat Capdevila to double $5...

$7.5 cryptocurrency hack rocks online poker rooms

$7.5M Cryptocurrency Hack Rocks Online Poker Rooms

CoinsPaid, a crypto payment gateway used by multiple online rooms and casinos around the world, suffered its second security breach in less than 6 years months.

Safety The hack was reported by the company Web3 Cyvers and resulted in unauthorized transactions valued at over $7.5 million. AnAsian cybercriminal gang has been identified as the main perpetrator, but they have not yet claimed responsibility for the attack.

The attack was discovered on January 6, Cyvers’s advanced artificial intelligence system can detectTether (USDT ), Ethereum (ETH)

The funds were then transferred to external accounts and cryptocurrency exchanges MEXC, WhiteBit and ChangeNOW. July 2023 A breach in the platform resulted in the theft of more than $37 million.

CoinsPaid is a digital asset Estonia-based payment processor with a transaction history of over €19 billion. As of now, the company has not released an official statement on the latest attack.

Possible perpetrators of cryptocurrency hacks

In the first attack, Lazarus Group emerged as the main suspect. HighstakesDB reported that these cybercriminals were backed by the North Korean government and used sophisticated social engineering tactics to target the platform’s employees.

While none of the major online poker rooms appear to be affected, the company has approximately 60 online bookmakers and online casinos ascustomers .

Cybersecurity threats remain a significant challenge for the industry, which has faced serious threats both online and offline in recent months.

$7.5M Cryptocurrency Hack Rocks Online Poker Rooms

‘As tall as the boss’: Hero calls Debert Stevens ‘tonkaaaa’

[Video] 'As tall as the boss': Hero calls Debert S...

In a stunning live broadcast, Bert Stevens, known in online poker circles as girafganger7, made an epic statement during the PokerStars Thursday Thrills At the time, the buy-in was $2,100.

The showdown between Stevens and Team PokerStars Canada member Parker Talbot (nicknamed Tonkaaaa) became the subject of this The focus of the game.

Bert Stevens won the WSOP Online Main Event on GGPoker in October for $2.7 million.

Talbot was shown a board 4 6 6 9 9 4 and decided to go all out to challenge Stevens’ decisive decision. Against A J, the Belgian strategically spent his time before calling the blinds of 30.7, which would have cost him the game if he had missed.

The surprising thing about this game was that Stevens Talbots had anticipated the bluffing moments before, revealing that his ability to read the situation was impressive. He commented during the live broadcast: “Tonka used a donka bet on the pair table, which means we will go to the end. The 9th does not matter. Maybe I will make a big bet on 8-7 now.” When the river card His prediction proved to be correct as he delivered a spectacular win for Stevens.

Amid loud cheers, Stevens shared his thoughts on the hero call: “Tonka is a great player. It’s hard to say how far he’s willing to go on the river. Since My range, I don’t think he’s going to donk-bet with 4.”

Bert Stevens is one of the biggest winners in online poker and many would imagine that he must have A dream-set-up, complete with a computer equipped with the latest hardware and a desk, would have been enough for someone to win $15,935,809 via over 9,095 ITMs…but it wasn’t to be.

The Belgian is well known as a true rebel in the poker world as girafganger7. A few years ago, he shocked everyone when he shared a photo of his workstation, and last week, he surprised the community again with a video showing off the “restoration” of his office.

My old office. Been playing here for over a year. There was no heating and it was raining inside. I love it though.

— giraf Ganger (@Girafganger7) February 1, 2019

The video shows chaos: mountains of trash, scattered papers, cigarette butts, It was empty with cans, cups and random objects strewn across the floor.

Stevens orchestrated his poker sessions (a tournament worth thousands of dollars, by the way) from this chair. ) is in a very miserable situation. The monitor was of high quality, but the desk was visibly dirty.

Get ready to meet the big boys tonight! The next day was about stars and other dusty things. Another @DTOPoker tournament and a @PokerCoaching_ tournament. Live on Twitch at 6:00pm CET.

— giraf Ganger (@Girafganger7) September 16, 2023

[Video] 'As tall as the boss': Hero calls Debert S...

Gabriel Medeiros is the GGMasters High Roller Champion

Gabriel Medeiros shines as GGPoker GGMasters High...

Brazil had a great day at the High Stakes Championship. Gabriel Medeiros from Santa Catarina is having a great 2023, building another great year for his team. On Sunday (17th), Medeiros defeated the GGPoker GGMasters High Rollers with a $1,050 buy-in to claim the $97,059 title.

Gabriel Medeiros dominated the final table. Despite nearly falling into trouble in the heads-up match, he secured his title after defeating Dutchman Duco Haven. On the final hand, Medeiros went all-in and Havens dominated. The board guaranteed the Brazilian the title.

Gabriel Medeiros beat 656 entries and was eliminated, adding to an outstanding year that also included cash in the BSOP Winter Millions Super High Roller and adding to the LAPT Panama High Roller One-Day Event A trophy. At the GGMasters High Roller final table, Medeiros was tied with Brazilian player “Alexa Pare,” who dropped to ninth place for $10,774.

View final table standings:

1 – Gabriel Medeiros (Brasil) – US$ 97.059

2 – Duco Haven (Holanda)– US$ 73.740

3 – “Grazie ragazzi” (Montenegro) – US$ 56.023

4 – Alfred Karlsson (Suécia) – US$ 42.564

5 – “habibi777” (Romênia) – US$ 32.337

6 – “1nf1n1te” (Hong Kong) – US$ 116.300

7 – “assel0077” (Alemanha) – US$ 91.520

8 – “NewBeerBro” (Eslováquia) – US$ 14.181

9 – “Alexa Pare” (Brasil) – US$ 10.774

Gabriel Medeiros shines as GGPoker GGMasters High...

Texas Hold’em Poker Odds and Outs

“Texas Poker Odds and Outs

You are in a no-limit hold’em game and the first three cards (the flop) have been dealt. There is money in the pot, and your opponent puts in the remaining chips (all-in). You have nothing…except the flush draw. Do you follow or follow?

You cannot make a decision based on the information I provide. In order to make the right decision, you need to know how much money is in the pot, how much you need to pay to end the hand, and what your chances are of finishing the game.

Let’s assume that you win the hand if you make a flush; in this case, you need to stake 1.87 times the pot amount. If there is such an amount, it is correct to call.

This is because there are 9 cards to complete the flush (these are your out cards), and the last two cards are still open (the turn and the river). As shown in the table at the bottom of this page, you have a 35% chance of getting one of the 9 outs, or in other words, odds of 1.86 to 1. Therefore, you need a pot with odds greater than 1.86 which offers: 1.

This table shows you the odds and probability of completing the game, depending on the cards that suit you. Every player who wants to win at poker must become thoroughly familiar with this form.

How to Read Pot Odds and Paytables

In the left column under the heading OUTS is the number of cards, which will help complete our piece. Then, when the last two cards have not been dealt, and when only the fifth card remains, we get the odds and the probability percentage of ending the game in the two columns on the right.

Remember that the odds must be calculated card by card, and it is only correct to use the combined odds of the fourth and fifth cards when going all-in. This is because without going all-in, we may not be able to finish the game with the fourth card and would need to add more money to see the fifth card.

Visit Poker Odds Calculation for a more detailed explanation of what Odds are and how odds are calculated in Texas Hold’em.

“Texas Poker Odds and Outs

Jin Hoon Lee wins Mystery Millions bracelet at WSOP Paradise

Jin Hoon Lee wins Mystery Millions bracelet at WSO...

The second WSOP Paradise Bracelet lands in the hands of Jin Hoon Lee. In the early hours of the morning, the Korean pro etched himself in the history of the newly minted festival by shouting victory in Event 1: the $1,500 No-Limit Hold’em Mystery Million. In addition to the bounty, he won $420,000 in prize money.

During the competition, Lee must evade numerous sharks that take over the Atlantis Hotel in the Bahamas. Many of them made it to the final day but were eliminated before the FT was even established.

Li entered the finals with 16 BBS. En route to the title, the Asian managed to hold off Maria Ho, who had been leading most of the race.

In the three-hand game, Lee found one of his outs on the J♦5♥6♣A♦6♠ board when he flipped A♥9♣ against 4♣4♠ and would The poker chips are doubled, reducing Ho’s score to 7 BBS.

After a few minutes, she decided to defend the big man and followed Lee’s opening push, which again put the A-9o in her hands. Dominating with K♣2♠, the PokerGO Ambassador was not saved by the 4♦6♣4♥5♣A♠ hand.

Leading 3-1 heading into the heads-up match, Lee He doubled Max Pinnola early but didn’t let up. He went all-in on the K♥7♣6♣ flop with A♣A♠. Pinnola followed with 10♣2♣. The 5 on the turn and the A on the river confirmed Lee’s victory and he received a reprieve.

At the same level, Lee led with K ♦K♣ and min-raised before beating Pinnola’s 3-bet. Shove calls. With 9 9 ♣, the American stood no chance on the 3 ♦J♥8♥6♠6♣ board and saw his opponent take the lead.

Pinnola entered the game with only 4 Bbs remaining. Another preflop all-in. When K♠4♦ played against K♦9♠, the dealer was out as soon as he revealed K♣8♣3♠6♥Q♥.

After registering 3,446 entrants, the WSOP was enough for Paradise to win the $5,169,000 Mystery Bounty prize. The biggest winner was Jeremy Lavi Dan, who received a $500,000 bounty.

Final Result

1. Jin Hoon Lee (South Korea) $420,000 + bounty

2. Max Pinnola (USA) $257,100 + bounty

3. Maria Ho (USA) $200,000 + bounty

4. Konstantin Maslak (Russia) $160,000 + bounty

5. Drew Scott (Canada) $127,000 + bounty

6. Thomas Santerne (France) $101,000 + bounty

7. Kartik Ved (India) $80,000 + Bounty

8. Davidi Kitai (Belgium) $64,000 + bounty

9. Hyunsup Kim (South Korea) $51,000 + Bounty

Jin Hoon Lee wins Mystery Millions bracelet at WSO...

Amarilla earns Godzilla a second chance

Amarilla earns Godzilla a second chance

Godzilla DeepStack week started with $250,000 buy-in High followed by Godzilla 120K won by Chato Varni creation, culminating in a Second Chance of $60,000 to crown the winner of Nicolás Amarilla.

Wearing the same name as her last perfectly matched jumpsuit, Amarilla defeated second seed Angel Di Salvo in heads-up play for $1,111,536, earning $1,822,680. And Alberto Dodero finished on the podium with $732,060 in prize money.

Second Chance Final Table.

The tournament lasted two days – Friday and Saturday – with 120 entries worth $60,000 and a total prize pool of $5,976,000 distributed among the top 15 players.

Several big names from the national poker scene were present at the final table, including Mariana Raccolo di Girolamo (10. Spending $110,556), which lasted Nearly six hours passed until Amarilla managed to defeat Di Salvo and celebrate the title.

Final Position Position Player National Award

1. Nicolás Amarilla $1,822,680

2. Ángel Di Salvo $1,111,536

3. Alberto Dodero $732,060

4. Johan Cymermann $516,924

5. Ricardo Horacio Fontana $385,452

6. Federico Borello 298,8 00$

Seventh place Fabian A Mani $227,088

8° Belleri Juan Pablo $161,352

9° Hugo Lusardi $119,520

10° Mariana Di Girolamo $110,556

11. Silvina Solano $101,592

12. Agustín Ariel García $101,592

13. Leonardo Reynoso 95.6 $16

14. Federico Leiva $95,616

15. Nestor Leonio $95, 616

Amarilla earns Godzilla a second chance

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