Best hero call in Latin American poker history belongs to Guillén and the LAPT.

Best hero call in Latin American poker history belongs to Guillen and the LAPT.

Angel Guillen of Mexico created history at LAPT 7 with a breathtaking play. So, what did he think? Read on to find out.

The Latin American Poker Tour is a huge event where everyone from pros to amateurs may show off their skills. But the LAPT hallways will echo with “remember that time Angel payed on the river with…” for quite some time.

Even now, over a decade later, after the revival of this fantastic series, this hand played by the then Team PokerStars Pro Angel Guillen in a Main Event of the LAPT 7 continues to stir excitement.

Guillen won the WPT title in Australia only a few days earlier.

In the last moments of the game, the Mexican raised from the button to 40,000 with the blinds at 10,000/20,000. This was matched by a reraise from the button of 80,000.

Simao Joao Ineedmassari

from below-zero to ninety-seven points. Angel finished up in time to see board 1037, where Simao had sent 104,000 points but let him make the final call.

Guillen called to see the 4 of the turn, then Simao fired 135,000 points to see the J of the river, then Guillen called all-in for 135,000 points, bringing the pot to 612,000 points and knocking out Simao with a stack of 354,000 points.

The next 18 minutes were one of the most exciting in the history of Latin live poker, when the Aztec player finally called to find out how his 45 had beaten the Brazilian’s A6 and sent the latter home.

What was going on in Angel’s mind? In the finest form of the show “En la mente de un pro,” a Mexican explains to us what was going through his mind as he made this play.

Although cashing for R$190,000 (US$35K), Angel came in fifth place, as the variance performed a trick on him and all of his chips went into the stack of the eventual victor, Carlos Caio Hey.

Somebody got $125k in their pocket and didn’t have to work for it.

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  • This text highlights Angel Guillen’s hero call in the Latin American Poker Tour, which is considered one of the best in the history of the tournament. Guillen’s decision to call all-in with a weaker hand ultimately paid off, leading to his opponent’s elimination. Despite finishing in fifth place, Guillen’s play remains memorable.

  • This text describes a hero call made by Angel Guillen in the Latin American Poker Tour (LAPT) that is considered the best in the history of Latin American poker. Guillen’s decision to call and ultimately win the hand against Simao Joao is regarded as a thrilling and memorable moment in the tournament. Despite placing fifth in the event, Guillen’s play was highly praised, even though the ultimate winner was Carlos Caio Hey.

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