Brazilian Quartet Qualifies for Day 3 of ACR Poker Venom

Brazilian quartet advances to Day 3 of ACR Poker's...

ACR Poker’s popular “The Venom” event returns this weekend, with players including João Simão, Rafael Moraes and Ramon Kropmanns winning millions of dollars in prize money, with several Brazilian players joining a field of 3,522 players, Compete for the championship title. The prize pool is $10,000,000.

After two days of competition, the field for the $2,650 tournament has dwindled to just 61 entrants, including four Brazilians. Topping the list is Bruno Cardoso (“19onurB95”) who is eighth with 28,840,358 chips.

Felipe Ketzer (“ketzerfelipe”) of The Team and Never Standard, the 2021 finalist will be looking to improve on his record from eighth place and will take home a solid 17,600,892 chips.

Another qualifier was “Chipitbaby” Nello Neto from Sao Paulo with 16,261,515 chips. Finally, Team Brazil was represented by 4Bet Poker’s “Old Flat” Bernardo Dias with 11,118,761 in chips.

The chip leader is Hungary’s “omagafyrarolls” with 39,215,097 chips. Highlights included ACR poker ambassador Jonathan Van Fleet, “apestyles,” with 30,982,257 chips, and Spanish player Ana Marquez, also representing the brand, with 17,924,086 chips.

The contest will be held on Tuesday (01) at 2:05. In the afternoon, the blinds continued at 120,000/240,000 with an ante of 36,000. The remaining 61 players have been awarded a $18,090 prize pool, but the focus is clearly on the tournament winner’s multi-million dollar prize pool of $1,577,970.

Brazilian quartet advances to Day 3 of ACR Poker's...

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