BSOP: Bárbara Akemi is the chip leader on women’s final day

Bárbara Akemi leads with 16 players remaining in B...

The BSOP Winter Millions Women’s Championship kicked off on Friday afternoon (21st), and the women’s players performed well within a few hours. A total of 169 players signed up and 16 players got their seats on the final day. The buy-in fee for the tournament is R$600.

The leader of the tournament is Team CardRoom Poker player Bárbara Akemi. She showed her full experience and ended up in the chip lead with 687,000. He is followed by Mayza Basso of Sao Paulo with 646,000 chips.

Big players also in action . Highlights include Paula Costa (585,000), Lucivania Amarante (566,000), Luana Braga (424,000), Danielle Antunes (386,000), Danielle Feitosa (186,000) and Thais Salzer (141,000).

The final day of women’s competition is Saturday at 2pm, and the blinds are back at 6,000/12,000, and the stakes are high. The remaining 16 players have entered the R$1,100 ITM, and the winner will receive R$18,600.

See full chip count:


BARBARA AKEMI FUGIVALA 687000 LONDRINA PR BRAZIL TABLE 152 POSITION 8 MAYZA BASSO 646000 SAO PAULO SP BRAZIL TABLE 151 Location 8 PAULA DE OLIVEIRA COSTA 585000 PARNIBA PI Brazil Table 152 Location 6 Lucivania Amarante 5 6600 0. .Brazil Watch 152 Position 4 LUANA BRAGA BESSA 424000 SOROCABA SP Brazil Watch 152 Position 1 DANIELLE ANTUNES S DE OLIVEIRA 386000 SAO PAULO SP Brazil Watch 151 Position 7 Barbara Nascimento Dionisio 311000 Sao Paulo SP Brazil Watch 152 Position 5 Juli ana Anacoretto De Oliveira 283000 Sao Paulo SP Brazil List 151 Item 2 MARIANA DA SILVA DE MORAES 190000 SAO PAULO SP Brazil List 151 Item 3 Daniele Feitosa De Lima 186000 ITATIBA SP Brazil List 152 Item 2 Marina Alves Da Silva 182000 Sao Paulo SP Brazil List 151 Item 4 Carole Bolon-bossou 156 000 Paris, France 152 No. 3 Juliana Lopes Ferreira 144000 Sao Paulo SP Brazil No. 152 No. 7 Thais Salzer Procopio 141000 JUIZ DE FORA MG Brazil No. 151 DANIELLE SOARES RIBEIRO 120000 SAO CAETANO DO SUL SP Brazil No. 151 No. 5 JOSILEIA DE MENEZES 5500 0 F LORIANOPOLIS SC BRAZIL Table 151, position 6

Bárbara Akemi leads with 16 players remaining in B...

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