Ethan Yau wins $312,000 on a hero call.

Ethan Yau, better known by his online moniker “Rampage,” is enjoying success in poker and life in general. The American behind-the-scenes just won “Best Vlogger” and “Personality of the Year” at the World Poker Awards, besting Felipe Mojave of Brazil in the latter category.

Ethan Yau proved on the “field” in a cash game that he is also quite skilled at the game. He played in one of the games at Hustler Casino Live and ended up with almost $520,000 in winnings from that one session alone. And a lot of it was down to one amazing hand.

An astounding hero call from the American YouTuber helped “Rampage” win a $313,000 pot in a hand against Nik Airball, the man responsible for evicting Dan Cates from the house. Yau opened the betting with a 2000 bet with blinds of $100/200/400.

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When Nik bet him $10,000 three times in a row, he decided to call. Nik Airball initiated the flip with a c-bet, selecting a $6,000 amount. After another successful “Rampage,” the turn revealed a third queen. Nik repeated his earlier stake, but increased it to $30,000. This almost filled the whole pot.

Once again, Ethan Yau called, and the river gave him a full house. With $92,900 already in the pot, Nik Airball chose to overbet with a bet of $110,000 on this board. Rampage” seemed to be facing a difficult choice, but he made a rapid selection and had his opponent completely flummoxed in no time.

Nik was already making denial signals before the showdown. As he launched the game, chaos ensued. Yau called Airball’s all-in bluff with, which was likewise A high but had a worse kicker. Nik Airball was confused and ashamed at his setback. He seemed to be attempting to figure out how he’d been bought off.

Ethan Yau had no interest in continuing the hand, so he grabbed the $312,900 pot and ended up making a killing throughout the session.

What the %&*@!!! A $300,000+ pot won by @nikairball vs @rampagepoker, where Rampage snap paid $110,000 without a pair.

Tonight’s @rampagepoker pot is above $450,000!!!

What the f*ck!!!

In a $300,000+ pot, @nikairball challenges @rampagepoker, and Rampage snap calls $110,000 without a pair!!

Tonight @rampagepoker has won nearly $450,000!!

The Stakes Are $100/$200/$400 and They’re Being Played Right Now!

March 18, 2023 – Hustler Casino Live (@HCLPokerShow)

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  • Sabrina.rolfson

    This text describes Ethan Yau, also known as Rampage, who recently won Best Vlogger and Personality of the Year at the World Poker Awards. It highlights his poker skills and a significant hand where he made an astounding hero call and ended up winning a $313,000 pot.

  • This text is discussing the success of Ethan Yau, also known as Rampage, in the world of poker. It highlights his recent win at the World Poker Awards and his significant cash game winnings. The text focuses on one particular hand where Yau made an impressive hero call, leading to a substantial pot win against Nik Airball.

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