Jin Hoon Lee wins Mystery Millions bracelet at WSOP Paradise

Jin Hoon Lee wins Mystery Millions bracelet at WSO...

The second WSOP Paradise Bracelet lands in the hands of Jin Hoon Lee. In the early hours of the morning, the Korean pro etched himself in the history of the newly minted festival by shouting victory in Event 1: the $1,500 No-Limit Hold’em Mystery Million. In addition to the bounty, he won $420,000 in prize money.

During the competition, Lee must evade numerous sharks that take over the Atlantis Hotel in the Bahamas. Many of them made it to the final day but were eliminated before the FT was even established.

Li entered the finals with 16 BBS. En route to the title, the Asian managed to hold off Maria Ho, who had been leading most of the race.

In the three-hand game, Lee found one of his outs on the J♦5♥6♣A♦6♠ board when he flipped A♥9♣ against 4♣4♠ and would The poker chips are doubled, reducing Ho’s score to 7 BBS.

After a few minutes, she decided to defend the big man and followed Lee’s opening push, which again put the A-9o in her hands. Dominating with K♣2♠, the PokerGO Ambassador was not saved by the 4♦6♣4♥5♣A♠ hand.

Leading 3-1 heading into the heads-up match, Lee He doubled Max Pinnola early but didn’t let up. He went all-in on the K♥7♣6♣ flop with A♣A♠. Pinnola followed with 10♣2♣. The 5 on the turn and the A on the river confirmed Lee’s victory and he received a reprieve.

At the same level, Lee led with K ♦K♣ and min-raised before beating Pinnola’s 3-bet. Shove calls. With 9 9 ♣, the American stood no chance on the 3 ♦J♥8♥6♠6♣ board and saw his opponent take the lead.

Pinnola entered the game with only 4 Bbs remaining. Another preflop all-in. When K♠4♦ played against K♦9♠, the dealer was out as soon as he revealed K♣8♣3♠6♥Q♥.

After registering 3,446 entrants, the WSOP was enough for Paradise to win the $5,169,000 Mystery Bounty prize. The biggest winner was Jeremy Lavi Dan, who received a $500,000 bounty.

Final Result

1. Jin Hoon Lee (South Korea) $420,000 + bounty

2. Max Pinnola (USA) $257,100 + bounty

3. Maria Ho (USA) $200,000 + bounty

4. Konstantin Maslak (Russia) $160,000 + bounty

5. Drew Scott (Canada) $127,000 + bounty

6. Thomas Santerne (France) $101,000 + bounty

7. Kartik Ved (India) $80,000 + Bounty

8. Davidi Kitai (Belgium) $64,000 + bounty

9. Hyunsup Kim (South Korea) $51,000 + Bounty

Jin Hoon Lee wins Mystery Millions bracelet at WSO...

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  • Brycen.treutel

    This text is a report about the second WSOP paradise bracelet being won by Jin Hoon Lee, a Korean professional poker player. Lee emerged victorious in Event 1, winning $420,000 in prize money, and successfully navigated through tough competition to secure the title.

  • Bergstrom.gerda

    This text is a report on the second WSOP Paradise Bracelet event, where Jin Hoon Lee emerged as the winner, taking home $420,000 in prize money. It highlights Lee’s triumph over tough competition, including Maria Ho, and provides a summary of the final standings and payouts.

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