Manoli22343 and aleix92cat, PokerStars Sunday’s best Spaniards

Manoli22343 and aleix92cat, PokerStars Sunday's be...

Regular Championships and Sunday KO events (part of Spotlight Week with guaranteed prize pools in excess of €600,000) are held on Sunday at National LeagueFinal at PokerStars, where Spain won the penalty. 14 tournaments with jackpot prizes of €10,000 or more were played throughout the day. Two of them ended with Spainvictory.

Manoli22343” won the Classic €10 PKO for €4,172.32.

aleix92cat” won the Sunday KO 10€ for a total KO 6-Max, earning him 2,396.54€ bonuses.

With these victories, La has Roja a total of 17wins in yesterday’s MTT. These are Sunday’s Spanish winners:

  1. “fortea88” (PKO €10 Turbo).
  2. “Leganes666MC” (PKO €10 Turbo). ).
  3. “whako plaza” (SuperStack €5).
  4. “leeoobcn” (PKO €10).
  5. “Monstick” (Ultra KO €10)). ).* “Monstick” (Ultra KO €10).
  6. “JSabater98” (SuperStack 1 Euro).
  7. “SelFiDeS” (BB 5 EUR).
  8. “baco245” (SuperStack €10).
  9. “Manoli22343” (classic €10 PKO).
  10. “aleix92cat” (KO Sunday €10 total KO 6-Max).
  11. “coolstack84” (BB 20€).
  12. “amparo63” (Mini Hot BST Turbo €5).
  13. “wazuka” (BB 10 €).
  14. “nasean09” (SuperStack €5).
  15. “ikojasezl” (PKO €5 6-Max).
  16. “Maki1619” (€ 1 NLHE Turbo PKO).
  17. “Manustars919” (€0.10 NLHE 6-Max Turbo).

Spanish won 4 double (marked with an asterisk in list), HU in The balanceveryunfavorable for our team: 13 wins 21Second Place.

Today Spotlight Week’s Deepstack Monday tournament and Daily PokerStars Tournament MTT schedule awaits us.

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Manoli22343 and aleix92cat, PokerStars Sunday's be...

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