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Georgia’s poker industry is the most diverse in the entire post-Soviet space: many live casinos, local jurisdictions, a dysfunctional PokerStars, and a huge popularity of offshore sites that accept cryptocurrencies. All this for a small country.

Georgia Online Poker 2022

Georgia’s Best Poker Rooms

Poker OK

Room provides access to the world’s largest online gaming grid. During the day, the total number of connections rarely drops below 50,000, and even quadruples at peak times. The cash core is short NLH and 4-card Omaha tables with limits from $0.01/0.02 to $50/$100. Fast Poker can play two types of poker with maximum blinds of $1/$2 and also has action in many rare formats: PLO5, Shortdeck, AoF.

The size and variety of bonuses are also much larger than the competition. Admittedly, most of them are aimed at amateur players: jackpots, cash draws, freeroll bonuses, flop betting and loyalty systems with rebates, depending on the PVI factor. Contests with millions of dollars in monthly payouts and a 100% first deposit bonus of up to $600 will thrill regulators.

red star

The most famous skins on the iPoker network. Attract players with a 200% first deposit bonus of up to €2,000 and a straightforward VIP system with two direct rebate levels of 20% and 35%.To reach the second level, you need to earn 500 EUR or more in a month

Table counts peaked late at night in European time zones. Hundreds of up to 6 NLH tables will leave the lobby during these times with a maximum limit of NL1K€.

The RedStar app supports any tracker, but also has a built-in HUD. If you use iPoker Tools, you can customize the client and create layouts to your liking.

poker king.

Record breaking rebate options. TOP LEADERBOARDS Reach up to 65-70% rebates at the highest levels of Royal Clubs and top the weekly tournaments.half of the average person

You can find most games on PokerKing late night and early morning European time. Most traffic comes from 6- and 9-max tables with stakes as low as $2.5/$5. Unlike most of the competition, the Classic SnG Tournament has wagers as high as $100.

The room client has a classic design and many customization options compatible with poker trackers.

poker world

Playing at the table is done in rubles. More than half of Texas Hold’em traffic comes from Fast Poker, with stakes as high as 25₽/50₽. Omaha is only played in 5-card and 6-of-a-card forms. It is the most expensive anonymous table to collect up to ₽2,500/₽5,000 for the table.

There is no first deposit bonus, but players can choose from two loyalty programs: one with a random bonus of up to 1 million rubles, and the other with a fixed rebate of 67%.

The use of third-party trackers and software is prohibited.

WPT Global

Georgia is one of only two countries in the former Soviet Union where WPT Global can be played. Most of the players are Chinese. Because of this, most tables are 8-handed, with Ante/Straddle and RMB play. Almost all the traffic is focused on Hold’em bets up to $15/$30/$60 ($15).

So far, everything from bonuses, 100% up to $1,200 on first deposits and tournament tickets has been distributed to beginners.

The app is mainly focused on playing on gadgets. Multiple tables are not allowed at the same time.

Online poker in Georgia.

All gambling in the country is regulated by the Ministry of Finance under the Lotteries, Gambling and Other Games with Prizes Act passed in 2005. Since then, several live casinos and poker clubs have opened.

Online poker is legal in Georgia, but only if the room has a local license and has offices on its territory.

But the possibility of such a license is completely ignored by all the top poker rooms. And in early 2022, PokerStars and partypoker decided to scrap legalization plans after tightening working conditions for gambling operators (tax increases, advertising ban, 25-year gambling ban) and banning Georgians from playing on their platforms.

Most of the other offshore space types did not respond to the initiative of the Georgian authorities, but continued to cooperate with Georgian citizens.local space

Georgia is the only post-Soviet country with a population of less than 4 million, and there are several poker sites that play in the GEL, catering only to the local market.

Europebet, AdjaraBet, Betlive, LariPoker are licensed casinos in Georgia. We don’t recommend playing these games, even if you’re in the country, due to the heavy traffic on nanolimits, outdated clients, and poor handling of foul cases by SB. The first site on this list is at Worldpokerdeals BS.

Deposit and withdrawal method

Although Georgia offers all the classic payment systems, local players prefer to trade in cryptocurrencies, as you can see from the list of the most popular rooms in the country – they all use cryptocurrencies.

This is because all transmissions from unlicensed gambling sites are prohibited, and citizens under the age of 25 are not allowed to gamble at all. Only cryptocurrencies can provide completely anonymous online poker earnings.

Getting a cache in Georgia is not a big problem as there are offline and online places where the most popular coins can be exchanged for lari at minimal fees

profit tax

All winnings up to 1,000 GEL (approximately $360) are tax-free when played on licensed sites. For larger amounts, the rate may vary between 1% and 5% depending on the size.

Obviously, such a scheme will not work when playing offshore games. For the most part, local poker players do not disclose their earnings in any way. In theory, they have the opportunity to be legalized by paying 20% ​​of the annual cash register gross in income tax.Giorgi Skhulukhia is Georgia’s best player

George Sculusia

*1st place in the 2019 North Cyprus Millions Main Event

Giorgi is the undisputed leader of the Georgian poker scene and best known for defending the country’s honor on the international stage. He has won a total of $2,177,950 in live tournaments to date.

Interestingly, Schulukhia has won all three of his biggest wins in Cyprus as part of the 2019-2021 Excellence Poker Series. Most notable of these was a first-place finish in the $5,300 partypoker MILLIONS Main Event, which netted poker players $683,285.

Giorgius took part in a freeroll in katran in 2012, where he joined his friends. Since then, live poker has become his biggest passion.Key words


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Georgia Online Poker

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    This text provides an overview of Georgia’s poker industry, highlighting its diversity and popularity. It mentions the presence of live casinos, local jurisdictions, and offshore sites that accept cryptocurrencies. The text also discusses some of the best poker rooms in Georgia, including Poker OK Room, Red Star, PokerKing, and WPT Global Georgia.

    The poker rooms are described in terms of their offerings, such as the types of poker games available, the limits, and the bonuses and rebates provided to players. The text also mentions the restrictions and conditions imposed by the Georgian authorities on online poker operators, which has led to the withdrawal of popular platforms like PokerStars and partypoker from the market.

    Overall, the text provides a comprehensive overview of the Georgian poker industry, highlighting its unique features and challenges.

  • The text provides an in-depth overview of the poker industry in Georgia, particularly highlighting the diverse options available to players in the country. It mentions the presence of live casinos, local jurisdictions, PokerStars, and offshore sites that accept cryptocurrencies. The poker rooms in Georgia are described, along with the types of poker games they offer and the betting limits. Bonuses and loyalty programs are also discussed.

    The text also mentions other poker platforms like Red Star, Poker King, and WPT Global, providing information about their features, rebate options, and target player demographics. It gives details about the legality of online poker in Georgia and the regulations imposed by the Ministry of Finance.

    Overall, the text provides a comprehensive and informative overview of the poker industry in Georgia, highlighting the variety of options available to players and the regulatory landscape in the country.

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