Over ₽2M in the Golden Pyramid Race at Pokerdom

For 10 days in October 2022, medium- and high-stakes PokerDom cash players playing the three major types of poker will be able to earn additional prizes for participating in one of the three leaderboards in a new “Pyramid” competition with a prize pool of over ₽2,000,000. Read more in the article.

Pokerdom Rake Race Gold=

Promotional Features

Pokerdom continued its fall experiment and launched a different kind of promotion following a new series of brain games, also with a rather sad name:

The Golden Pyramid rake race will take place in the room from October 7-16 with a total prize pool of over 2,000,000 ₽.

The only thing that unites it with similar past promotions is the principle of scoring: 1 ruble – 1 point. There are many more differences:

  1. In addition to separate rankings for Hold’em and Omaha tables (£800,000 prize money), a leaderboard is planned for pineapple players (£300,000 prize money).
  2. The leaderboards are not separated by restriction level. For certain types of poker, each counts towards the total rake at the 25/50 ₽ game table (jackpot 25 ₽).
  3. Prizes will be awarded to the top 25 players in Hold’em, Omaha and OFC.
  4. There are additional challenges and prizes in the form of tickets to the ROPL series (beginning October 21).

Table of leaders:

*Additional prizes in the form of tickets: 26th place – 5000 ₽ to ROPL-28, 27th place – 1000 ₽ to ROPL-05, 28-30th place – 500 ₽ to ROPL-14.


Along with the competition, there will be prizes in the form of two ratings and tickets to the Russian Online Poker League Championship. For NLH – by PLO, for the player who collects more than four straight flies – a straight flush. There is still a minimum limit of ₽25/₽50 to collect combinations.


The level of the contest can be roughly judged by the limited number of ₽25/₽50 contests two days before the event.

  • SpeedPoker (Boost) is the best place to collect rake. There are two limits: ₽25/₽50 for up to 80 connections, ₽150/₽300 for up to 15 connections.
  • There will probably be ₽50/₽100 movement.
  • Regular Texas Hold’em tables – 4 6-max tables for ₽25/₽50, one table for ₽50/₽100 and ₽150/₽300.
  • Omaha – 5-8 tables, 5 and 6 cards, payouts ₽25/₽50-₽100/₽200, mostly low limits.
  • OFC – 3-5 tables with a jackpot of 25 ₽.

The contest organizers “stipulate” a maximum number of numbers with steady traffic, which is the minimum for participation in the action.

His table will probably be the main battleground for the top spots in the leaderboard. Although the activation of more expensive games is not ruled out, nor is the availability of fast action in Omaha.Label


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