Robbie Lew and Garrett Adelstein

Adelstein, quoted by Doug Polk, on the subject of Robbie’s cheating: “He cheated, I’m not getting my money back.”

The poker media was once again dominated by Garrett Adelstein when it was reported he would not be asked to appear on the Hustler Casino Live program because he was a “undesirable” person on the broadcasts.

During the course of the last week, Garrett has participated in a number of interviews, including a podcast with Doug Polk in which he discussed his thoughts on the classic game and the HLC ban.

Every single spectator cared deeply about Garrett’s thoughts on that particular Robbie giveaway.

“The statement I stated is basically correct. It’s quite probable that I was tricked, “What Garrett said.

Following that hand, Robbie gave Garrett back the $135,000 he had lost, money which Garrett had first refused to give back even after an inquiry had shown that the table scenario had been honest.

It found out that Garrett had donated the funds instead of returning them to Robbie:

“I will not return Robbie’s money under any circumstances. In my opinion, I was deceived in this freebie “Admitted Adelstein.

Garrett challenged Robbie’s squad to imagine what they would do in his situation if they believed they had been deceived.

Garrett’s hesitation to join the HCL streams might be partly attributed to his fears about his personal security. The poker expert claims that nobody at the table can be trusted to keep their private cards to themselves. Particularly since they are available to the $20/hour workers.

Ryan Feldman, who effectively penned the ban for Garrett at HLC, is not upset by the character and claims he understands the predicament the show’s creators are in. It is still unclear when Adelstein will make an appearance on the live programs. Nonetheless, if it does occur, it will most likely air on Live at the Cycle, the second most watched poker program.

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  • Jerde.alexandra

    The text appears to be discussing a controversy involving poker player Garrett Adelstein and allegations of cheating by Robbie. Adelstein initially refused to return the money he had won, claiming he had been deceived, but later admitted to donating the funds instead. There are also concerns about personal security and the trustworthiness of other players at the table.

  • Weimann.laverne

    This text seems to discuss Garrett Adelstein’s views on Robbie’s cheating incident and the consequences he faced. Adelstein appears to believe that he was tricked and refuses to return Robbie’s money, which he claims to have donated instead. It also mentions Adelstein’s hesitation to join the HCL streams due to concerns about personal security.

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