Rodrigo Seiji racks up a ton of FTs against the best online players.

Rodrigo Seiji, a top Brazilian player, contributed to a run of highly evocative results for his country. When he went to GGPoker, he finished in the top four of the $1,500 Grand Prix Spring Circuit, earning himself $20,776. After eliminating 132 opponents in the $888 Sunday Crazy Eights HR, a player from Parana, Brazil, remained on the site to sing his victory song. The victory earned him an additional $22,084 in money.

Yet Seiji was not finished. After finishing in seventh place at PokerStars’ $1,050 Sunday High Roller tournament, he pocketed $4,907. (8-Max, PKO).

Meanwhile, “emmanuel95” won the $150 prize at GGMasters. He won $45,297 after placing first out of 4,355 competitors.

Later, in the $54 Bounty Hunters Main Event, “mvvmcop” finished in fourth place, earning $18,074 while “Barry Allin” won $34,021.

The top three finishers in the $44 Bounty Hunters Flowery Forty Stack were all named “jogabonita87,” “GambleOrDie,” and “LittleRookie,” and they all took home cash prizes totaling $20,123, $12,767, and $10,998.

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