Rogerio Castro Crashes in Final Leg of WSOP Event #77

WSOP: Rogerio Castro shines on big stage and finis...

Brazil again misses the WSOP 2023 final table. Casual player Rogério Castro put in a solid performance against a field of 7,323 entrants in Event #77 (NLH Lucky 7’s $777 event). After a second day of poker, he finished the day in an honorable 15th place and pocketed a nice bonus.

Castro won $26,500, making it likely to be the largest prize on his resume. This is his third ITM at a WSOP tournament. The other two occurred in 2019, where Rogerio had his ups and downs in the closing stages of the race. With less than 20 players left, he was fairly small and even doubled twice.

Rev With A4 all-in against Charles La Boissonniere’s Q5, the knockout knocked on the door. His opponent had just had a big coin toss with JJ vs. AQ, eventually calling the Brazilian’s short putt after raising with a marginal hand on the button. Things went well with the JTT on the flop and the 7 on the turn, but the 5 on the river sent Castro out.

Vinícius Escossi did the same and was eliminated in 20th place for the same $26,500 prize pool. Renan Bruschi got into trouble after an AQ flop over AA and finished in 26th for $21,020. Alexandre Mantovani ($67 – $6,280), Fabio Freitas ($112 – $3,870) and Rafael Reis ($136 – $3,870) were the other winning Brazilians.

WSOP: Rogerio Castro shines on big stage and finis...

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