Romano shines in Carrasco Super High Roller and becomes champion

Romano shines in Carrasco Super High Roller and be...

Fernando Romano did it again. In just over a month, shined again at the Carrasco Casino for the second time, winning the Carrasco Super High Roller organized LL Eventos and was awarded $58,000.

Romano, who won the LAPT Montevideo High Roller on May 1 at the exclusive facility, now emerges from the tournament with a 2,000 A buy-in fee of $1,000 and a re-entry fee of $1,000 are successful. A total of 208 entrants (85 solo players plus 123 re-entrants) registered over three days and won $200,000 in guaranteed prize money allocated to the top 15 finishers $293,000.

On the last day of the competition, a total of 61 players participated. At this time, Romano was already among the leaders. But he couldn’t beat his final day, which has lasted more than 16 hours since 2pm. Saturday morning was over around 5am and Sunday morning was devastating.

Warm hugs between two rivals and friends: champion Romano and runner-up Dos Santos.

Fernando has always been in the top league and is second at the final table, finishing in the top nine, only behind Federico Stussinger , i.e. he is not saved there. He defeated seven of eight opponents, including Andres dos Santos. Heads up trophy and best pot.

His first victim was Esteban Crolla , who came in ninth ($6,000). Then Thomas Miranda left 8th place ($8,000) by Leandro Bianchini Then began to slaughter Romano, Romano started to accumulate chips at a very high level, and the wind was blowing in his favor.

The Carrasco Super High Roller final table is a luxury.

He beat out welder Javier Venegas for seventh place ($10,500), Go dos Santos 6th ($13,500), Sebasti√°n Loscri Fifth ($17,000) and fourth ($21,000) Stussinger formed a trio of himself and he was crowned champion.

Romano shines in Carrasco Super High Roller and be...

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  • This text is praising Fernando Romano for his recent poker tournament wins, highlighting his skill and success. The author mentions his winnings, the number of participants, Romano’s performance in the final table, and his victories over various opponents.

  • Mona.bartoletti

    Based on the text, it seems that Fernando Romano is a skilled poker player who has achieved success in multiple tournaments, including the Carrasco Super High Roller. He demonstrates his talent by defeating several opponents and emerging as the champion in this particular event.

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