Spain’s serranillo_6 wins PokerStars Sunday Special

Monday at PokerStars was all about the regular tournaments.

There were ten events held in the chamber with the red spade, and the total prize pool was over €252,000. The winners of three of these MTTs are of Hispanic descent.

The day’s biggest Spanish winner, Serranillo 6, took home €9,880.71 after scooping the €100 Sunday Special. The competition ran over 2 days, 717 players participated, and €64,530 was awarded.

There were two additional outstanding Spaniards.

The €50 Thunder was won by alvarsc (€4,585.85), while the €10 Bounty Night was won by Escorpion133 (€2,482.31).

These victories bring La Roja’s total for the day to 16. The Spanish champions were:

the serranillo 6 (€100 Sunday Special) bottle.

Anne1978654 (Turbo PKO €10).

Xxnumb3rsxX (PKO €10 Turbo).

PKO £5 6-Max “elgordo 0o.”

*”morothir” (10 Euros PKO).

afr91 (5 Euro SuperStack).

Gygystar” (10 Euros for Extreme KO).

SuperStack 1€, “patroglo1955”.

alvarsc, or £50 worth of thunder.

“BadiM HeRo” (Super Micro Omaha £20 6-Max).

“SuperbiaSof40” (Rarely Seen €30 Sale).

(“Escorpion133”) (£10 Bounty Night).

There is a ten dollar pot at stake in “Elengoa” (Omaha H/L).

“tarate100” (£5 Bounty Maker).

(£50 BB) “quijoma69.”

(NGC 9) (€2 NLHE Turbo).

We had a better record in the HU than the Spanish (15 victories to 14 seconds), while the Spaniards won 1 double (noted on the list with an asterisk).

The following are the final standings from consistently high-paying tournaments:

A total of €64,530 was at stake for 717 players from Spain in the Sunday Special €100 tournament won by serranillo 6.

Tournament details: LinraBey (PKO €10 6-Max; £1,589.01 prize pool; 1,480 players; €13,320 total); Brazil.

Mr. Sicchers (Bigger €50. Prize: €2.991,85. Field: 385. Prize pool: €17,325. Country: Portugal).

Lucky Rus 8 (Mini Thunder €10. Prize pool €2.871,95; number of entrants = 3,250; total prize money = €29,250; location = Mexico).

fieldsize=727. prizepool=€32,715. country=Spain. alvarsc (Thunder €50. prizepool=€4,585.85. fieldsize=€50.

There were 315 entrants in the El-Giuglias (SM Night on Stars €100, prize pool €4,578.08; total prize pool €30,000; country of Malta).

Winner: Barth157 (£10 BB, £1,360.36; 1,355 entrants; £12,195 total); Country: Brazil.

Prize: £1,416.01. Total: £11,502. 639 entrants from Ireland. BB: £20.

Field size = 461. Total prize pool = €20,745. Country = Brazil. LuckyGuyFSC (Big Bang €50. Prize pool = €3,198.20. Field size = €50).

Bounty Night €10, Prize Pool €2,482.31, Field Size 2,373, Total Prize Pool €21,357, Country: Spain, Escorpion133.

Today, PokerStars will shift its emphasis back to its regularly scheduled events. To the Spanish: VGL!

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