The City Center’s reigning champions, Mondino and Segovia

The City Center’s reigning champions, Mondino and Segovia

The Deep Stack and the Tuesday+, two online qualifier events held at the Rosario casino, each have new champions.

After this week’s regular Tuesday+ and Deep Stack tournaments, Rosario’s City Center can boast not one but two new champions, as the biggest casino in Latin America also provides virtual action for all inhabitants of Santa Fe through its online platform.

City Hall and all its goings-on

In the 66th iteration of the Deep Stack tournament, which takes place every Wednesday at 6:30 in the Poker Room, a new date was played. The top three finishers earned $722,007, $434,511, and $296,208, respectively. The winners were Gastón Mondino, Mario Dáz Chavez, and Carlos Barrilis.


The LAPT’s new start date ought to be today.

The event takes place in a single day with a new structure that begins with a small blind of $100, a large blind of $200, and an ante of $200, with a $40,000 buy-in, blinds every 25′, and a starting stack of 45,000 points in tournament chips.

Every week at 9 p.m. on Tuesday, players may go online to the City Center’s website and try to qualify.

The most popular event, known simply as “Tuesday+,” had an increase of 126 accreditations for its second showing on the regular Tuesday at 6:30 p.m. First place went to Angel Segovia, who took home $935,550. Second place went to Marcelo Gerardo Mazzeo, who took home $561,330, and third place went to Martin Cordich, who took home $357,068.

The TUESDAY + features a maximum of 150 players each date, with a buy-in of $30,000, blinds every 20′, and a 25,000-point stack of tournament chips. Similarly to the Deep Stack, re-entry is permitted until level 6 of this event.

On Sundays at 21:00, you may also qualify online.

Placement in the Deep Stack

Winner: Gaston Mondino ($722,007) Runner-up: $434,511.50 to Mario Diaz Chavez

Third-Place: $296.208, Carlos Barrilis

Fourth-Place: Jorge David Daz ($200.376)

Martin Pensato, $5th Place: $148.104

6° 108,900 USD for Pablo Di Masso

7° 84.942 USD for Manuel Galiano

Number Eight: Lautaro Ceraldi, $70.785

$58.806 for #9 Sebastián Oscar López; $53.361 for #10 Cristian Gongora

A+ Places for Tuesday

1st Place: $935,550, Angel Segovia

Second place, Marcelo Mazzeo: $561,330

Third Place: $357.068, Martin Cordich

Fourth place: $249.480, Ramiro Restovich

Ignacio Marino ($193,347) places fifth.

Sixth-place Ayrton Jaime, $148.129

7th Place: $115.385, Miguel Angel Zollo

Eighth place: Pablo Cristaldi, $82,640

Sergio Celli, ninth place: $62,370

54.574$ for a 10 degree Juan Pablo Sklate

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