“Tracin2” is a $55 mini bounty generator HR

Grinder “Tracin2” managed to stand out at the PokerStars tables during a rather lukewarm period for the Brazilian. He added $9,447 to his bankroll by winning the $55 Mini Bounty Builder HR heads-up. A few minutes earlier, Lucas Yamashita had a 3-out for $5,354.

Luciano Hollanda won the silver medal for $6,422 in the $109 Mini Super Tuesday. The tournament had 479 participants.

In the Bounty Builder $33, Pedro “vlwflw” Hardman is one elimination away from the title. He took second place for $4,647.

The Everton S704 also cashed in on the site for $4,203 in the $55 The Fast 7 prize after beating 479 players.

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