Vyacheslav Buldygin Wins $1.3 Million in Triton Series

If you think today’s elite poker players never express their emotions it’s because they buy from Vyacheslav Buldygin. The Russian star contorted his face on every flop, turn and river, luring his victims into his trap with every move.

Last night at Merit Resort & Spa Buldygin alternates between smiling and frowning: smiling because he received all the cards he needed to win the $50,000 7-Hand Triton Series, frowning because He knew he was dominant in the deck and felt compelled to apologize or at least show some shame.

He was no Buldygin was a phenomenal talent who made no mistakes leading the final table. He managed to knock out Six of the final eight opponents and won back $1,342,000.

When asked about his performance at the table, Buldygin responded to the organization’s media Say, “I, I don’t know” I don’t know.” What’s going on in my head. The king invites Qi, please come. Please fold, please fold. He claims that he doesn’t delve too deeply into poker and follows his instincts, but is happy to share his secrets on how he recently started winning big. “I bought more,” he said with a smile.

No matter what the truth is, no one can compare. Among those eliminated was Jason Koon, who is aiming for a seventh title in the seriesDavid Yan, second final table in two days; Punnant Punsri, who is aiming for a second Triton title; and Brian Kim, the fearsome American is eager for his first Triton victory.

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