Where do you propose moving the LAPT date?

Where do you propose moving the LAPT date?

We recommend these locations if you have three confirmed dates and one that is still up in the air. Can you suggest anything else?

The Latin American Poker Tour, or LAPT, is one of the most anticipated tournaments in the area, and this year it will make four stops, including Rio de Janeiro, Montevideo, Sao Paulo, and a third that has not yet been revealed. We want to publish a fresh issue in some remote part of the continent because of this mystery.

Throughout its lifetime, the LAPT has made stops in sixteen different cities. The whole backstory is provided here.

Adding a Mexican location to the LAPT schedule is one of the most exciting possibilities. The poker community in this dynamic nation is expanding rapidly. Several international planes land immediately in Mexico City, making it a great destination for players from around the continent, as does a coastal city with natural features that link grinders with nature and the tables.

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Santiago, Chile, is another great candidate for the LAPT schedule. Santiago is the biggest city in Chile, home to more than 7 million people, and a popular place to play poker. The city also has first-rate facilities and services, making it an ideal location for international gatherings.

If it weren’t for the enormous taxes (31.5%) that foreigners would have to pay, Buenos Aires would be a great addition to the LAPT schedule. It’s too bad, considering Buenos Aires hosts some of the region’s best poker players and has a thriving poker culture. Iguaz, in the province of Misiones, on the Triple Frontier, may serve as such a destination.

Because the LAPT was one of the country’s most prominent events in its heyday, Panama has also emerged as a viable rival.

What do you think about Colombia, Costa Rica, and Peru? Adding a new date in locations like those indicated above, or possibly others, would be a wonderful opportunity to draw more players from all across the continent and give a thrilling and unique experience for all spectators, making the LAPT even more significant in the region.

Which city would you like to live in?

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  • Krystina.cole

    It seems like the text is discussing potential locations for the LAPT tournament and asking for suggestions. It mentions a few options such as Mexico City, Santiago, Buenos Aires, and Panama. Additionally, it suggests considering Colombia, Costa Rica, and Peru for expanding the tournament. Overall, it appears to be seeking opinions and ideas for hosting future LAPT events.

  • I think the text provides a good overview of potential locations for the LAPT tournament and highlights the excitement surrounding it. It suggests adding a Mexican location due to its expanding poker community and accessibility. Santiago, Chile, is also recommended for its facilities and popularity. Additionally, Colombia, Costa Rica, and Peru are mentioned as potential locations to draw more players and enhance the significance of the LAPT in the region. Personally, I would like to live in Santiago, Chile due to its vibrant poker scene and the diverse experiences the city offers.

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