Who do the oddsmakers have winning Champions League 2022/23?

The matchups that will take place amongst the eight remaining clubs in Europe’s premier club tournament were determined by a random lottery.

As there are obvious favorites among the qualifying clubs, some fans are already forming their own predictions for the winners of each match and even the overall winner of the cup based on this information.

To that end, if you’re curious in the topic and would want to make your own soccer predictions for today, we’ve laid out all you need to know. We will also provide the odds from the major betting outlets for the forthcoming April fixtures.

Where do the qualifying teams stand, and how did they fare in the round of 16?

These are the eight teams who made it to the quarterfinals:

Inter Milan (Italy)

Benfica (Portugal) (Portugal)

Munich, Bayern (Germany)

(Italy’s) Inter Milan and Napoli (Italy)

England’s Manchester City and Chelsea (England)

City of Manchester (England)

Actual Madrid (Spain)

Meanwhile, here are the results from the round of 16 matchups that were decisive:

Results: Borussia Dortmund 1, Chelsea 2 (aggregate 1-2)

Scores: Brugge 0-2; Benfica 1-5 (aggregate 1-7)

Frankfurt 0–2 and Napoli 0–3 (aggregate 0-5)

Scores: Inter 1, Porto 0 (aggregate 1-0)

1-1 and 0-7: Leipzig vs. Manchester City (aggregate 1-8)

Two fives and one one: Liverpool vs. Real Madrid (aggregate 2-6)

Tottenham and Milan: 1-0 and 0-0 (aggregate 1-0)

PSG and Bayern Munich tied at zero and two (aggregate 0-3)

PSG, with talents like Lionel Messi (the most recent Ballon d’Or winner) and Kylian Mbappé (who won the Qatar World Cup the year before), was one of the biggest disappointments of this round of 16 series (top scorer of the Qatar World Cup and a big name in world soccer). They were entirely overridden by the Germans in a humiliating loss to Bayern Munich because they could never agree on a strategy.

Liverpool, however, was another major letdown after having previously reached the Champions League final and having won this year’s tournament. Although being ahead by two goals early on, they eventually lost to Real Madrid by a score of 5-2 and were never able to recover from this crushing defeat.

The odds-on favorites to advance to the semi-finals

The following transitions will occur based on the results of the teams who have made it to the quarterfinals:

Napoli vs. AC Milan (April 12 at 21:00)

Munich against Man City (April 11 at 21:00)

Inter Milan take on Benfica (April 11 at 21:00)

Arsenal vs. Chelsea (April 12 at 21:00)

Manchester City, coached by Pep Guardiola, is a 3.25-to-1 favorite to win the trophy. Napoli and Bayern Munich both have odds of 4.50 and are considered to be the second and third favorites, respectively. The resulting odds for the other teams are as follows:

Betway has odds of 8:00 on Real Madrid, 15:00 on Benfica, 15:00 on Inter Milan, 15:00 on Chelsea, 15:00 on AC Milan, and 26:00 on AC Milan.

Many people anticipate Guardiola’s Manchester City to win it all despite the fact that Real Madrid is the more popular pick right now because of their winning run and the quality of their attackers like Benzema and Vinicius Jr. If both teams go to the semi-finals, it will be clear who is the clear favorite.

Finally, there are still matches to be played, in which anything can happen, so we are still waiting to see what happens in April. Hence, if you like to play it safe, it’s probably better to wait until the first leg of the quarterfinals is through before making any definitive predictions about the series’ destiny.

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  • This text provides an overview of the remaining teams in Europe’s premier club tournament and their performances in the round of 16. It also mentions the odds-on favorites to advance to the semi-finals, with Manchester City being the top pick to win the trophy. However, it suggests waiting until the quarterfinals are complete before making definitive predictions.

  • This text provides an overview of the remaining teams in Europe’s premier club tournament, their performances in the round of 16, and the odds for the upcoming matches. It also highlights major disappointments and favorites, with Manchester City being considered the top contender to win the trophy. However, it suggests waiting until the first leg of the quarterfinals is over before making any definitive predictions.

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