Yuri Martins had bad luck on the river and ends up dropping to 14th position in Super Million$.

Super Millio$ on the WSOP Spring Circuit was overrun by Brazilians on Day 2. Yuri Martins came the closest to settling the dispute between the two million dollar rewards. The high roller’s elimination in 14th place netted him $79,000.

Anotoly Filatov, a Russian and fellow star of online MTTs, was Yuri’s tormentor. The GGPoker Team Pro found two outs on the turn to keep himself in the game and prevent being eliminated by the 9tales player. Have a look:

Filatov called Fabiano Kovalski’s 4-bet push in a blind battle with his whole stack of 24 bbs. As Kovalski revealed an A-Q, his opponent revealed a J-J.

Filatov’s odds of winning were barely 1 in 12 after the flop (9Q2), but he took the lead on the turn (J). Kovalski’s fate was decided on the river with a 6, sending him down to a lowly 6 bbs.

Kovalski then went all in preflop versus Filatov on the very next play. He had AA against K10 and was not shocked by the 987310 advantage, so he increased his bet.

When “Overpaid” raised with more chips with AQ, Kovalski quickly faked an all-in and then called. The Samba Team member’s collapse was predetermined by the 69Q26 edge as he was dominated by the K10. As a reward for coming in at number 18. Kovalski got $67,364.

Yuri 3-bet shoved 13 bbs from small blind on the same table. Filatov called and tabled AK again, resuming play. The player from Paraná had K10 and won the flop, turn, and river with Q910, but Filatov caught an out on the river with A and eliminated the player from Paraná.

With 957 submissions at $10,300 each, the Super Million$ brought in $9,570,000, well exceeding the stipulated $6,000,000 prize fund. Also ITM Peter Patrcio (57th, $35,592), Pedro Padilha (52nd, $35,592), Dennys Ramos (37th, $41,734), Fábio Freitas (23rd, $57,418), and Fábio Selouan (72nd, $30,361).

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  • This text is discussing the Super Millio$ poker tournament at the WSOP Spring Circuit, where many Brazilian players dominated the competition. It highlights specific players and their outcomes during the event, including Yuri Martins and Anotoly Filatov.

  • Kuvalis.roosevelt

    This text provides an update on the Super Millio$ poker tournament, particularly highlighting the dominance of Brazilian players in the competition. It mentions the performance of Yuri Martins and Anotoly Filatov, and also provides details of some key hands and eliminations during the event.

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